Levinta Psychotherapy and Counselling provides a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment where you can gain insight into how to improve your relationship with the members of your family. Find emotional healing for you and your family today.

Understanding Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy (also known as talk therapy) helps people tackle a variety of emotional difficulties and mental health concerns. It can eliminate or control troubling habits so a person can function better, relate in a healthy manner with their loved ones, and heal.

Levinta Psychotherapy and Counselling offers psychotherapy and family counselling services for individuals, couples, and families struggling to maintain healthy connections. We use therapeutic interventions to suit each client’s unique recovery needs.

From children-parent groups who don’t see eye to eye to families affected by trauma to isolated aging loved ones and couples on the verge of divorce, our passionate and expert relational psychotherapists will help you address the challenges you face. We will meet you where you are and offer support so you can heal and improve the state of your relationships.

Why Consider Relational Psychotherapy

One of the goals of our family and couples counselling is to help you develop supportive and lasting relationships. Authenticity and mutual empathy, as expressed through this therapeutic relationship, will facilitate this goal.

Certain relationships and experiences can also affect a person’s ability to draw fulfilment and satisfaction from life. Therapy can help you gain insight on how to address these relationships or situations.

Working Together Towards Healing

Our family counselling services begin when you call us for a consultation. Your first call with us serves as a FREE first session. We discuss your problem thoroughly; you tell us what’s on your mind and heart — experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

During your initial visit, our therapist will conduct a thorough assessment of your situation to discover the root of the problem. For your peace of mind, they will also walk you through the process of psychotherapy.

Our therapists work together with patients to identify goals for each session. We continue to break down their situation: the people involved, the emotions they feel during such circumstances, how they want to recover, etc.

Therapists Who Care

What sets us apart from other relational psychotherapists is our desire for simpler yet more fruitful therapy sessions. We provide affordable and high-quality services as soon as possible. There’s no such thing as a waiting list at our practice; our evening hours and weekends are available for you.

If you’re not free to visit, you can schedule online sessions. These sessions can save you time and money and still deliver results similar to our in-clinic services.

The road to recovery and stronger relationships is a smoother one with us. Schedule your FREE consultation today.

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